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Copenwater is Copenhagen’s Club for Open Water Swimming. We are part of the Danish Open Water community and we support the development and growing succes of the sport from our home base in Copenhagen. We want to show everybody what an amazing sport Open Water Swimming is.

Copenwater was founded in the Spring of 2015. Our first season was the summer of the same year. We held multiple training sessions every week and other events from the end of May until early October.

Membership for 2017 is open. Please contact us by email for more information in English.

Open Water Swimming in Copenhagen

Open Water Swimming is seeing rapid growth in the number of practitioners as more and more dive into the oceans, lakes and rivers of Denmark. We have excellent oportunities for outdoor swimming in Denmark and Copenhagen is no exception. Award-winning habour baths and super clean beaches are all around the city. Meanwhile, the need for good advice on safety, swimming technique, swimming buddies, do’s and dont’s, etc. is growing. Copenwater facilitates all of this and much more, so that more people can join the movement.

We are passionate about open water swimming and we regard it as a proper sport. It bears many similarities to pool swimming, but is at the same time completely different. A whole new world. In the open water everything comes alive; the waves, the salty water, the marine life… All of it adds to the joy of every stroke you take when propelling through the water. Open water swimmers say, that it is much more fun to swim outside than to count the tiles of the bottom of the public pool – and we have to agree!

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